Resistance = Medium
Technical level = 3
Resources = Medium
Terrain = Urban
Occupier = Survivors + Series 9

Your forces are at the point 1. Robots have a camp at the area 2 and Survivors at the area 3. Go to the point 4 and destroy the Sentry Gun at the point 5. Then, you can liquidate resources of Survivors. Avoid your units before the firing of other towers. After this, remove forces to the point 6 and build up your camp here. A Kneecapper at the entrance of the camp is sufficient for your defence. Make a group from 10 Rioters and send them to the point 7. Destroy one Windmill here and go back. Pursuers come to your tower and are shot up. This action repeat. Make next groups from 10 Rioters and 1 Death Hippo.(Note: Hippo is good against light towers.) You can stepwise destroy both camps by these groups. Then clean up the rest of the map and it is end of this mission.