Resistance = Medium
Technical level = 5
Resources = Medium
Terrain = Desert
Occupier = Survivors

You have two Spirit Archers, six Berzerkers, one Martyr and one Mekanik at the point 1. Go to the point 2 and obtain two small APSs there. Kill all enemy infantry in your way. Move your forces to the point 3. Spirit Archers clear up this route. Wait until a big patrol pass you. Then go to the point 4. Now, you must execute the most difficult task of this mission. Your Mekanik must enter in Survivor's Research Lab (the point 5). You have a lack of time and you must go through the fence from Force Walls. You can see this situation on the Detailed map. The Mekanik is in an APC. Send all forces in front of the fence. Your infantry and remaining APC must decoy the fire of Survivors. Mekanik's APC must come through open fence and drive to the Lab. The success of described action is uncertain. Therefore, be prepared on several repetitions. When the Mekanik enter in the Lab, you obtain a strong enforcements at the point 1. Build up your camp and send remaining enforcements (two Death Hippos and two Missile Crabs) to the point 4 again. Kill all in them way. Then destroy Oil Tankers and the Force Wall. You have a free way into Survivor's camp. Destroy enemy buildings and antiaircraft forces. Make three Fighters and send them on Cannon Towers. Then clear up the rest of the map.

Par time is 2:15:00 and my record is 0:26:00.

Global map:

Detailed map: