Resistance = Light
Technical level = 5
Resources = Medium
Terrain = Highland
Occupier = Survivors

Your forces are set at the area 1. Go to the valley 2 quickly. Use the yellow route and don't retard with fights. Towns at the point 2 help you with killing of your enemy. The princip of this strategy is to attract enemy into the valley 2. Send a Dire Wolf to the point 3 and attract enemy from this area into your valley. Repeat it for enemy from another areas. In this way, clear up the right upper part of the map. Then send your forces to the point 4 and shoot up the building there. You obtain reinforcements. Set your forces on cliffs 5 and attract enemy from down part of the map into your valley again. After this, send forces to the point 6. You can obtain a new reinforcements there. Move units to cliffs 7 and attract enemy forces from upper and left part of the map. You can obtain a new reinforcements at the point 8. The last task is destroing of the Outpost of Survivors (the point 9).

The par time is 0:45:00 and my record is 0:30:00.

Enemy fires only on the unit which noticed as the first. Exploit it.