Resistance = Medium
Technical level = 4
Resources = Medium
Terrain = Desert
Occupier = Survivors

You have 22 units at the point 1. Send vehicles and Michaelangelos to the point 2. Two Michaelangelos can destroy Cannon Tower at the point 3. (Buckler Michaelangelos by remains of the house - see the map.) Others Michaelangelos send to the points 4 and 5 and destroy two Sentry Guns there. Buckler them by stone and turret. Move vehicles to the point 6 and destroy two infantrymen and Sentry Gun in the valley. Then send them to the point 7 and destroy two Barrage Crafts from cliffs. Take your infantry and go to the point 8 and progress on cliffs 9 - destroy all in their way. Now, you can destroy two Cannon Towers (the point 10). Send vehicles to the point 11 and destroy enemy infantrymen in their range. Move carefully Tankbot to the edge of cliffs 13 and destroy the last Cannon Tower (the point 12). Now, destroy enemy camp. Then move your infantry on cliffs 13 and vehicles to the point 10. Attract three tanks from area 14 to your vehicles by Patrolbot and destroy them by fire from cliffs. Then clean up remainder of the map.

1. This mission requires careful manoeuvring.
2. The par time is 50:00 and my record is 20:00.