Resistance = Heavy
Technical level = 5
Resources = Medium
Terrain = Urban
Occupier = Evolved

Your camp is at the point 1. Defend entrance of your camp and make a Grimm Reaper and Transport Dome. Send them to the point 2 and destroy Bazooka Batteries there. You gain a free skyway to the area 3. Send a Mobile Barn there and build up a new camp. Use two Tech Bunkers. Cancel the old camp and make Fighters. The Grimm in the Transport Dome send to the point 4. You can destroy Bull Ant Tank there. Then destroy all camp. (Hint: Evolved don't attack on the Grimm in Transport Dome.) Support Grimm's attack by Fighters. After this, send the Grimm to the point 5. It can destroy all camp of Evolved here. Now, you must clean up the rest of the map. Combine Grimm's attack with the fire of Fighters.