Resistance = Heavy
Technical level = 5
Resources = Medium
Terrain = Highland
Occupier = Survivors

You have six infantrymen at the point 1. Destroy a Barrage Craft from cliffs and wait on reinforcements at the point 2. You get two Doom Domes. Move them to the point 3 and destroy the Drill Rig there. Then crush the Sentry Gun at the point 4 and three Sentry Guns nearby a west bridge (the area 5). You have a free way for your infantrymen. Meanwhile, you obtain another reinforcements at points 1 and 2. Now, you can attack on the west part of Survivor's camp. You must destroy Force Walls and overpower Cannon Tower (the point 6). Then Doom Domes can destroy central buildings of enemy camp (the point 7). At the same time, move infantrymen along cliffs on the left to the Drill Rig (the point 8) and destroy it together with Oil Tankers. In the end, destroy two Cannon Towers in the north and south entrances.

1. This mission challenges an exact dislocation and co-ordination.
2. The par time is 0:40:00 and my record is 0:32:00.