Resistance = Heavy
Technical level = 5
Resources = Medium
Terrain = Desert
Occupier = Survivors and Evolved

You have an uncompleted camp (the point 1) in a valley. Build up the complete camp and ensure its defence - two Distance Seeders in the entrance are sufficient. Send a Grim Reaper to the point 2 by air. This Reaper can destroy two Bazooka Batteries (triangles on the map) in the plateau 3. Then send this Reaper to the point 4 (near the cactus) by air again and destroy two AA batteries there. In the next step, send the Doom Dome to the point 5 by air. This Dome can destroy four AA batteries by fire from the plateau 6. Then send the Reaper to the point 7 (closest to the river) and destroy remaining AA batteries. Now, it is time for your Fighters - they can destroy all Touches of Death (rhombuses on the map). Be careful on Homing Bazookoids - when they fire on your Fighters, attract them into the range of your weapons. Meanwhile, destroy enemy camp and all other means.

1. This strategy requires very careful landing manoeuvring.
2. The part time is 0:50 and my record is 0:45.