Resistance = Xtreme
Technical level = 5
Resources = Medium
Terrain = Highland
Occupier = Survivors

The map of this mission is very large. Your camp is dislocated at the point 1. The survivors have four camps (points 2, 3, 4 and 5), very strong power resources and a good defence from Laser Destroyers and AA Towers. In the first phase, you must defend your camp and simultaneously build up strong power resources. Firstly build up Oilbot, recycle Power Unit and build up it closest to the Oilbot. At the same time, strike back the attack from East. Extend the defence and power resources of your camp. A good hint is a Bugzapper in the entrance. Survivors fire only this Bugzapper and you can destroy them without any losses. When you build up completely your camp and its defence, then you can launch the second phase. Produce a few Transport Domes and Grim Reapers. Send them on cliffs in the point 6, nearby AA Towers. Destroy them and send more Grim Reapers here. In this way, you dominate the first camp of Survivors. Send an empty Transport Dome on the East to the point 7. You obtain the Gort there. Transfer this robot to the point 5 by the plane. The Gort can destroy Oil Tankers here. Send more Grim Reapers for this destruction. When you destroy all resources of Survivors in the North and the East, you can begin the last phase. You must destroy the rest of survivors. The best weapons against Laser Destroyers are Fighters.

1. Locate your forces on cliffs 8 and 9.
2. Good hint is the destruction AA Towers by Michaelangelos. Remember that AA Towers do not fire on the Transport Dome in a small altitude.

1. This mission is really extreme - my first successful attempt took 23 hours. Very important thing is fast destruction of enemy power resources.
2. The par time is 2:45:00 and my record is 0:56:00.