Resistance = Medium
Technical level = 3
Resources = Medium
Terrain = Desert
Occupier = Evolved

Your forces are located at the point 1. Build up your Outpost there and other forces send to the point 2. Repair and upgrade the base there. Destroy enemies at the point 3 (see hint 1). Then crush Skeletal Walls at the point 4 and occupy plateau 5. Make up Mobile Medium Plasma Cannon (MMPC) and Mobile Medium Repair Bay (MMRB). The first is good against enemy towers and the second is good for repairing of your vehicles. Make up 8-12 ATVs too and destroy the Worm at the point 6. Then crush all enemy forces at points 7 and 8 and clean up the rest of map. Be careful at the point 9 - there are a lot of infantry there. Exploit the first hint there too.
1. Decoy enemy by a fast vehicle to your strong group. Enemy follows the decoy only and you can shoot up his.
2. Exploit a big gunshot of the MMPC against Kneecappers.
3. Repair your vehicles by the MMRB.