Resistance = Medium
Technical level = 4
Resources = Medium
Terrain = Urban
Occupier = Series 9

Your forces are located at the point 1. You must go for Technicians to the point 2. Enemy forces are dispersed over entire map. Therefore, move your forces as a big group, use vanguards and exploit larger gunshot. When you obtain Technicians, move all your forces over point 3 to the allied base 4. Enemy base is located in the area 5. You have not enough forces for destroing of this base. Therefore sent a vanguard into the area 7 and decoy enemy units to the allied base. Towers shoot up his. Repeat it. When you clear up the area 7, send a Technician to the Tech Bunker 8. You obtain a Bomber. Now, you can destroy towers of enemy base. Then attack by your other forces and destroy entire base.