Resistance = High
Technical level = 5
Resources = Medium
Terrain = Highland
Occupier = Series 9

You have 2 Barrage Crafts and 4 Hover Buggies at the point 1. Move them along yellow trace and you find your base 2. Send a Technician to the Tech Bunker 3 - you obtain money. Build up defence and upgrade your base. Your task is to destroy all enemy buildings on the North. Clear up stepwise the area 4 by airdrops of Kamikazes (see hint). Your air corridor is displayed by green trace. After this, send 2 Juggernaught, strengthen this airdrop and destroy stepwise all buildings of enemy camp.

Destroy enemy towers by airdrops of Kamikazes near these towers. But be carefuly on your Airlifters! (See pictures.)