Resistance = Medium
Technical level = 4
Resources = Medium
Terrain = Urban
Occupier = Evolved

Your forces are located at the point 1. Be careful to your Kamikazes. Move all to the point 2. (Avoid War Mastodons on the crossing behind viaduct.) Sent infantry without Kamikazes along yellow line to the point 3 and clear up neighbour. After this, send Kamikazes there. Meanwhile, shoot up the prison at the point 3. You obtain Flamers and Technicians. Send Technicians to Tech Bunkers 2 and 4. You get Railgun Tank and Mechanoid. These weapons can destroy all enemy camp 5. Clear up upper and left margin of the map. Only infantry can operate there (see hint). In the end, you must clear up the area 6. Send infantry along the left green line there and vehicles along the right green line.

Hint: Use Kamikazes. Surprise enemy by a Kamikaze round the corner of a building! See picture.