Resistance = High
Technical level = 5
Resources = Medium
Terrain = Urban
Occupier = Series 9

You have an incomplete camp at the area 1. Build up the power resources at the area 2 and the defence of North and South entrance. Produce an Airlifter and send it along the yellow line. The Airlifter decoys enemy units to your tower. Send this Airlifter with a Juggernaugth to the point 3. You obtain two fighters and four bombers there. Use them against enemy towers. Clear up entire area 3. Then send an Airlifter along the green line. The Airlifter decoys enemy units to your tower again. After this, send two Juggernaugths to the point 4 by air. They destroy all enemy mobile defenders. Strengthen this airdrop and stepwise destroy entire enemy base 5. In the end, clear up the remainder of the map.