Resistance = High
Technical level = 5
Resources = Medium
Terrain = Desert
Occupier = Evolved

You must transport two prisoners from point 2 to the point 3. You have one Airlifter and an incomplete camp at the point 1. At first, build up Cannon Towers for the defence of your base. Then send the Airlifter near to the Bazooka Battery at the point 4 and fly back. It decoys enemy infantry to your towers. You can shoot up this infantry now. Send your infantry to points 4 and 5 and destroy Bazooka Batteries there. Then, send your Airlifter along line of points 1-4-5 to the point 6. Be careful and fly back to your base. It decoys enemy infantry to your towers again. When you shoot up this infantry, send your infantry to the point 6 by Airlifter (see hint). You can destroy Bazooka Batteries at the points 7 and 8. You have a free skyway to the point 2 now. Send the airlifter there and transport two prisoners among line 2-8-5-4-1 to the point 3. It is end of this mission.

When you change points for landing stepwise, your Airlifter has a little altitude. Enemy AA towers can't fire and you can "jumping" among them.